There are two things you can do with Peeps: eat them or make things with them.Most people would probably pick the former, but every year the Washington Post holds their Peeps Diorama Contest asking for entries made with Peeps to create a historical or current event.

Sarah Binder, a professor of political science at George Washington University, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institute and writer for the Post, has made it a tradition to work on an entry with her daughter.

This year's entry is ripped right from New Jersey's headlines, using the sugary treats to recreate what happened in Fort Lee last September as Governor "Peep Christie" looks on from atop the "EZ Peep" lanes. The fun part of the entry is to study the pictures and look for the little details Sarah included.


Traffic lined up at the EZ Peep lanes in Fort Peep (Sarah Binder)

Angry commuters in Fort Peep at least have an explanation of what is causing the delay

Angry residents stuck in traffic in Fort Peep (Sarah Binder)

Even a New Jersey "rabbi(T)," who made a member of the "Peep Authority of New York and New Jersey," angry is stuck.

A "rabbi(t)" is delayed by traffic (Sarah Binder)

Another view of the toll plaza

Traffic at the bridge in Fort Peep (Sarah Binder)

Pictures used with permission from Sarah Binder