As a state with a long history of corruption, New Jersey and the manner by which it is governed can easily leave us skeptical when it comes to being protected by the law. To prove this point, we set out on a journey to find some of the most outrageous laws throughout the state. Thanks to the crew at, we didn't have to look far before we were literally laughing out loud! We dug through the comedic foolishness to provide you a list of the top five most ridiculous (and clearly outdated) laws right here in New Jersey that are guaranteed to have you scratching your head laughing.

  • Lianne Viau, Flickr

    No Frowning

    Bernards Township

    Sad citizens of Bernards Township in Somerset County better beware. Deemed the "Frown-free Town Zone", Bernards Township wants its residents to be happy 100% of the time. Therefore, to make that point clear, legislators have indeed made it illegal to frown in this part of New Jersey.

  • T. Carrigan, Flickr

    No Dancing


    Technically, you can dance in Caldwell, Essex County - you just can't do it on Main Street. Not only is there a "no dancing" law, but one also cannot wear shorts on Main Street. So, if the temperature is high and there's a chance that the "rhythm is gonna get you", you might want to stay on Mountain, Grandview or Central Avenues to avoid breaking the law.

  • YouTube

    No Annoying The Opposite Sex

    Haddon Township

    It's surprising that anyone in Haddon Township has ever been married. Afterall, according to law 175-12, anyone who publicly annoys someone of the opposite sex shall be punished. But it doesn't stop there - cross-dressing is also illegal in Haddon Twp. It's a good thing that this town lies in Camden County - very far from New York City, where both cross-dressing and public annoyances are everyday happenings.

  • Roger Gregory, Flickr

    No Cursing


    If you get ticked off in Raritan Borough of Somerset County, you'd better do your darndest to keep from cursing...or else! It should be common sense that in 2012, any city or town in the state of New Jersey (of all places) would be foolish to ever allow a law that prohibits profanity. Although we get a good laugh at this one, it might be time to finally repeal this law.

  • Jason Lam, Flickr

    No Pickle Tossing


    Forget to check the date on the top of the jar? Residents with unwanted pickles may be at risk of breaking the law. In fact, they better head quickly to a garbage can because according to this law, one may not throw a bad pickle in the streets of Trenton. Just when you think this one couldn't be more silly, the law also states that pickles are not to be consumed on Sundays!