For each student, New Jersey schools are spending an average of $19,164.

But some school districts are spending much more per student.

The most expensive school district in the state is the Bergen County Special Services District, which serves 554 students at $95,778 a pop. But the special nature of the special services schools doesn't reflect the vast majority of school districts in the state.

In the list below, we looked at school districts that had at least 2,000 students to see which school systems were spending the most. For the purpose of this list, we looked at what the state calls the budgetary spending per pupil, which is the number that individual school districts give when publishing their user-friendly budgets each spring.

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Top 30 school districts in NJ spending the most per pupil

These are the most expensive school districts in the state of New Jersey. Based on 2022-23 school year budget and enrollment figures, these are the districts spending the most per student. We only included districts with at least the state average enrollment of about 2,000 students.

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Total vs. budgetary spending

Budgetary spending per pupil can be a useful way to compare school districts against each other. It only includes costs that are directly comparable between districts and does not include factors like transportation, lunches, debt for construction projects, and pension payments for teachers made by the state on behalf of the school, according to the state report.

Budgetary spending per student at New Jersey schools in 2021-22 was $17,656, which was 8.5% less than what was budgeted for this year.

EDITOR'S NOTE: An earlier version of this chart listed Ocean Township under the wrong county, which should be Monmouth County.

Top 20 highest average property tax bills in NJ for 2022

Based on the average residential property tax bill for each town in New Jersey in 2022, these are the 20 highest.

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Competitive NJ school board races fall 2023

In time for November elections, 1,804 board of education candidates have been registered around New Jersey, for a total of 1,487 open seats.

These are not evenly spread — some boards have zero candidates for an available spot, while others have more than three candidates vying for each seat. The following competitive races are based on data from the New Jersey School Board Association.

Gallery Credit: Erin Vogt

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