As most New Jersey residents are happy with a week at the shore with not too much of a walk to the beach (a beach you have to pay to get on), 'Givernor' Murphy is leaving this evening for his $7 (plus) million mansion in Parrano, Italy. While most of us struggle to pay our taxes here, taxes he's raised and would love to raise higher, our humble public servant governor will be enjoying his 23 room mansion about two hours south of Florence. I sure hope he's paying his Italian housekeeping staff "a living wage".

I'm sure he's paying less in property taxes to the province of Terni than most of us pay for our suburban houses in New Jersey. Whatever he pays, he can surely afford it. The former Goldman Sacks exec and UN ambassador to Germany is worth a reported $55 million. If he gets bored in his mansion in Italy, he can take a quick Euro-flight to his duplex in Berlin before returning to his $9.5 million dollar home in Middletown, NJ.

I certainly don't begrudge anyone's success in the private sector making a fortune, or taking part of that fortune to buy a Senate seat or Governor's Office in politics. He made his money the old fashioned way, making smart investments for wealthy clients in a high stakes game of finance. Good for him. He's living the American dream (in Europe) while leaving us with the nightmare of his policies back here at home. Buon viaggio signore Murphy. Spero che tu abbia una buona vacanza!

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