She got away with it for years. Timothy Wiltsey was a little boy who was reported missing at a Sayreville carnival by his mother Michelle Lodzinski. Her story changed a number of times. Police were always suspicious. Yet it wasn’t until what would have been Timothy’s 29th birthday that his mother was finally arrested. She was eventually convicted of his murder and is serving a 30 year sentence.

Before the conviction, in a pre-trial courthouse appearance Lodzinski had a slip and fall as she was being transported shackled and handcuffed. She blamed it on the Middlesex County Sheriff’s Office. She sued them for what she alleges was permanent damage to her hand.

The case has now been dismissed and the lawsuit won’t go to trial, but not before a paycheck. Word came from the Middlesex County Office of Communication to the Bridgewater Courier News that Timothy’s mother is receiving a settlement.


In the grand scheme of things this will go unnoticed. It’s a mere footnote to a closed case. Still I find our system of justice outrageous. Whatever injuries she allegedly sustained are preventing her from...what? Working? She’ll grow old in prison. Enjoying her life? Talk to Timothy about that. Are her injuries costing her medical bills? We are paying for her.

This $25,000 is, to me, an insult. Corzine signed away NJ’s death penalty years before she was finally charged but it was a death penalty crime at the time of commission. This woman doesn’t deserve to draw a breath let alone take $25,000 from taxpayers.

So much for remorse.

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