The Annual polar bear plunge in NJ is a sign that spring is here.. and that means Summer can’t be too far away. New Jersyeans love nothing more than the annual plunge into the frozen ocean alongside friends and family—not to mention our own Big Joe Henry— in Seaside. It’s become an annual tradition—an event that creates special memories for you and your loved ones. Due to Covid safety measures, this year's plunge will be virtual, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t register! Whether it’s a pool, water gun fight or a slip and slide, there are many ways to partake in the plunge and help support over 26,000 Special Olympics NJ athletes.

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Registering for the plunge is super easy, and requires just a few steps. You can either pay $25 just to participate in the plunge, or you can start your own fundraising page for $100. Once your fundraising page is set up, send it to everyone you know so that everyone can be involved.

While the plunge may not be in person, there are still many opportunities to capture the fun. Participants are being asked to submit pictures and videos of their plunges this year for a chance to be featured on the events social media pages. The plunge has been loved by New Jersyeans for years, as it is a chance to come together and have some fun for a greater cause. For the past 50 years, this event has made the dreams of many special olympics athletes a reality. From Polar Plunge donations as well as other events, the money raised has allowed for over 26,000 athletes to receive free training and health screenings all year leading up to their competitions. Participants have til April 17th to submit their plunge, so if you’re ready set up your page, grab your camera and get creative with your plunge!

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