I'm a big believer in using the example of other more successful states that have low crime, low unemployment and low taxes to help NJ politicians understand how to solve our local problems. Montana is one state that I have never visited, but it falls into that category.

Doing a little research this morning, I found out that crime is low and taxes are even lower and everyone who called into the show to describe their last visit to Montana, loved the "Big Sky" state. Seems that with light regulation and low taxes, the kids still get educated, trash is still disposed of properly and water and power are supplied to homes and businesses. Go figure.

I got on a Montana kick after hearing the story about the Governor's press conference intended to apply pressure to the Trump Administration to help fund a new Hudson River crossing, known as the Gateway Project.

For NJ's part, the Gov. is committing to $600 million in bonds to begin work on the Portal Bridge, which would be the first phase of a major overhaul in the transportation infrastructure project.

Aside from the fact that NJ initiatives are typically over budget and never completed on time, there's the politicians in charge who make everything worse. Congressman Bill Pascrell is one of them. He was on hand with the Governor when he blurted out that if the project doesn't get funded, maybe it's time to head to Montana. Montana?!? When I heard my colleague Patrick Lavery play the clip during First News on Wednesday it became very clear that we have a bigger problem with our politicians than I thought.

Our politicians have protected themselves for decades as a part of the wealthy, political insider, elite class. Hearing Pascrell's Montana reference, it's clear that they do understand that there are in fact high employment, low tax states where businesses and families are heading to as a way of escaping the tax and regulatory burden of NJ. It also became clear that our politicians have looked into other states, not as examples of how to do it right for NJ, but as an exit plan of their own. The rich, out-of-touch insiders and the pension-protected political class members all have options. More options than working and middle class NJ families struggling to pay the mortgage and maintain a decent quality of life. The elite, political class can leave anytime they want. They are not stuck, and your tax dollars ensure their long-term security. How could Murphy, Menendez and Pascrell relate to the real affordability crisis facing the rest of us? New Jerseyans with families, debt, kids in school and average incomes, the options are limited and for decades we've heard nothing, but noise coming from Washington and Trenton.

At least now we have a champion in the White House who understands working men and women. President Trump isn't willing to sacrifice stable jobs and critical infrastructure to placate irrational environmental radicals. President Trump isn't going to sacrifice the brave men and women in law enforcement to satisfy the proponents of the false narrative of racism and persecution pushed by millionaire athletes and violent street gangs. President Trump is certainly not going to sacrifice your long term need for financial security, stability and opportunity to appease foreign nations who have been taking American jobs for years. And the President is not going to back down from tax cuts that put more money in your pocket and have jump started the economy just to avoid the heat of big government economists and tax and spend Congressional Members on both sides of the political aisle.

Shame on Governor Murphy for his naked ambition for the White House in 2020, which is coming at the expense of solving problems in NJ. Murphy wants you to think Trump is your enemy. Don't believe it, Trump is Murphy's enemy. And the enemy of all of those elite insiders who have been taking our money and lining their own pockets and the pockets of special interest for decades.

Shame on Senator Menendez for deflecting from his bipartisan admonishment from his Senate Colleagues desperately trying to shift the target to the President. How does that help get a transportation infrastructure project moving forward? Even Governor Christie understood that being cordial and appropriate with the President of the United States, regardless of Party, is a better tactic than fighting all the time.

And shame on Congressman Bill Pascrell for seeing how another state could be doing things right, but failing to see that we need to replicate good policies here in the Garden State. Maybe Pascrell, Murphy and Menendez should move to Montana and enjoy the fresh air, low taxes and economic opportunity. But my advice is don't try to run for office. Corruption, over-regulation and high taxes don't fly as well in the Montana skies. Our job in the next few years leading into 2019, 2020 and 2021 is to not let it fly here either.

In the meantime, while we're gearing up and #DigginIn, it would be great, albeit shocking, to see Murphy and his cohorts get off the "attack Trump" bandwagon and actually do something to address affordability, taxation and transportation in New Jersey. With a qualifier...Do it without putting additional burdens on the highest taxed people in the country. #SpeakForNewJersey

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