I am as pro-teacher as you get. Many teachers among my family and friends. I taught myself, not in public schools, but as a real estate instructor and trainer for many years in New Jersey. But we know that teaching children requires a special skill set. Patience, understanding, compassion and intelligence. Most people can name a favorite teacher they had back in grade school, but can barely name a politicians who represents them in Trenton or Washington, even on Election Day.

Teachers are being horribly misrepresented by their union leaders. The corrupt and morally bankrupt NJEA is on a mission to make sure that you continue to have a fear of the never-ending pandemic.

The problem for the NJEA and Gov. Phil Murphy is the pandemic actually did end. People who point to a rise in positive tests ignore the fact that medical experts from the beginning admitted that nearly everyone would be exposed at some level and have coronavirus. Most people will not even have a slight cough let alone need a doctor or die from COVID.

The pandemic is over. It’s over and you are already safe, that is as long as you take care of yourself, stay healthy by exercising and eating right. So why the continued propaganda about safety? It’s all about keeping people down and dependent on government. Checks from the government for not working? How is that acceptable to any reasonable American? Life without ANY risk? How is that acceptable to the people who respect and understand the history of violence which helped forge our nation? Seems that our own corrupt ignorance is being exposed through the lockdown.

Some Americans want to take credit for virtue signaling in support of vets and cops, but they want to defund the police in the next breath. Society was locked down for what is essentially a new strain of the cold. Don’t take it from me, take it from the NIH. Tens of millions of so-called "infected" and very few deaths. Virtually no deaths among children and absolutely no cases in the world of kids infecting adults and adults getting re-infected. Those are tough facts to absorb if your goal is continued lockdown and crushing of constitutional liberty. But here we are.

So if I were governor, I would force the schools open and fire any teacher who failed to report to work. OR abolish the NJEA and privatize the system entirely. Let them challenge that action in court. We could lock them up for a decade while providing a real education to our kids from teachers who want to do their job. And most teachers want to do just that. Something major must be done. Your children are the victims of Murphy’s march to power and control over your lives. Will you fight for your kids?

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