It's the humane thing to do. Now that the Giants have lost 11 straight games, including a humiliating defeat to the crosstown Jets and an embarrassing defeat to a Philadelphia Eagles team that barely had enough receivers to put on the field, it's time to fire head coach Pat Shurmur. This would put both him and Giants fans out of their misery. If they don't, it can only get worse for both from here.

This week the Miami Dolphins come to MetLife Stadium a week after losing to the Jets. Remember when Buffalo beat the Jets in the season opener only to return the following week and beat the Giants? Eli Manning remembers it. It was his last official start before he lost his job to Daniel Jones. Eli will probably be starting again this week. If Shurmur's calling the same plays he did in the second half of Monday nights Eagles game, I wouldn't expect a warm fuzzy reception. Instead, there will be anger, or much worse, apathy.

Apathy is what it's come down to for the Giants fan. Shurmur's press conferences seem apathetic as well. He's not even combative anymore, just the same old "they battled" when talking about his players as if that's enough. It's time to make it enough.

Thanks to Shurmur's Giants, the Eagles still have a shot to make the playoffs. It could come down to their final game, which would be a rematch of last night's game, only at MetLife this time. Knowing how well the Eagles fans travel and how the last Giants home games were filled with Cowboys and Packers fans, what would be the point of subjecting Shurmur to a "home" game filled with Eagles fans, punishment? Ask yourself the same question about starting Eli Manning in what could be his final game as a Giant.

The quicker the Giants fire Shurmur, the faster they can get to work on his replacement. If Dave Gettleman has any chance of remaining as general manager, he needs to sever his ties to Shurmur as well. Hopefully, he has strong ties with Ron Rivera, whom he did beautiful things with when they were both in Carolina winning three division titles and a Super Bowl.

Giants Owner Steve Tisch says he wants to talk with co-owner John Mara after the season to discuss the future of the team. It's better they talk sooner and not at the final game. They wouldn't be able to hear each other over all the screaming Eagles fans.

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