Anyone on the internet has heard that there’s a national day for everything now.

A few examples that I think would be important to New Jerseyans:

Jan 15 is National Bagel Day - I’ll take a plain bagel toasted with butter, please!

Feb. 9 is National Pizza Day - Spend this day with your favorite slice at your local pizza joint.

And July 27 is National New Jersey Day - don’t fugheddaboutit.

New Jersey
Allen Stoner

Tuesday Jan. 2, however, is a holiday I’m doubtful many in the Garden State will bother to observe, especially if any portion of their commute takes place on a major highway.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Jan. 2 is 55 MPH Speed Limit Day in the U.S., honoring President Nixon’s 55 mph speed limit proclamation.

It’s a day to put extra thought into road safety by not driving over 55 mph on NJ roads.

Hmm…. I don’t see many New Jerseyans doing that any time soon.

Simple country road speed limit sign

According to National Day Today:

Two categories of people celebrate 55 mph Speed Limit Day: the first and most popular category remember the former nationwide speed limit with fondness and believe it should be reinstated; the second category did not experience the limit but agree that it would do some good today.

I can only speak anecdotally based on what I see driving on routes 195 and 295 every day, but I’m not seeing many Garden State drivers falling into either of those categories.

Driver / driving on the highway

This is not me condoning speeding or driving dangerously, this is me sharing the kind of driving I see on our roads.

Hell, don’t get me started on the Parkway or Turnpike. Drivers making their daily commutes on those roads treat speed limits as a mere suggestion.

Heaven forbid you attempt to do the speed limit in the left lane! That’s a sure way to be tailgated within a matter of seconds.

Angry Driver
ajr_images (Canva)

As well-intentioned as the day is, this seems like one that New Jerseyans might sit out.

I wish I could say we could celebrate the day after, but Jan. 3 is Drinking Straw Day, and Gov. Murphy has made it harder to celebrate that one.

We’re just going to have to wait for National Bagel Day.

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