We often ask our listeners if they are review writers, and beyond that, do reviews really count when you’re deciding whether or not you want to buy something?

I never really feel like I can trust reviews because tastes differ, tolerance differs and personalities differ. How do I know that I’m going to hate the same hotel room someone else did or love the same restaurant someone else did? So I tend to take reviews with the proverbial grain of salt. But I do read them.

I find them to be so entertaining that it’s become kind of like a hobby of mine to read reviews about things that I have absolutely no intention of buying, eating, or booking. Reviews on movies are pretty straightforward but reviews on yelp and on Amazon can be pretty darn dramatic. And also, sometimes they’re downright funny.

I always wanted to make a collection of some of the funniest Amazon reviews i’ve ever read, and trust me there are zillions! But I never got around to it, and besides, I am way too disorganized to keep a collection of ANYTHING.

However, this one cracked me up and is an example of why I waste my time looking at reviews: on the slim chance that I will find a jewel like this.


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