Happy birthday to you, New Jersey, for whenever it is. Just a quick friendly greeting to you before we take a look at that magical age where we start not to care about celebrating being a year older.

Now to be clear, this poll conducted was not done exclusively in New Jersey. But it does seem to be a trend that stems as far back as 2016, with the same age being chosen as the time most stop caring.

Before we get into that, let's do a quick poll to see where we all stand. And since we can't list every single age, we'll do it as a range (but feel free to be specific in the comments).

Now that we have a general idea as to where New Jersey falls, what about the majority of others? At what age does the average adult not care about celebrating their birthday anymore?

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Although some might think it's when you're in your 20s, that's not the case. Yes, you're no longer in your teens, but most are still into partying and have not settled down yet.

And since most adults tend to have kids later in life, it only makes sense to take the spotlight off of yourself once you enter that chapter we call parenthood.

That's also logical since we as parents want the spotlight shifted to our kids. So with that said, what's that average age we stop caring about our own birthdays?

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Turns out, it's in our early 30s. More specifically, age 31. That's apparently when we lose our enthusiasm for even caring to celebrate.

The thought of aging becomes less and less important, with our focus shifting to things such as milestones and anniversaries. And that makes sense as those anniversaries and milestones become greater and greater.

All the findings from this latest survey can be found here.

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