Casa Comida was an extremely popular Mexican-style restaurant that served the Jersey Shore community for over 40 years.

Years ago, I frequented the establishment often. I thoroughly enjoyed the food, and the margaritas were incredibly good. The location looked over a little water and there was a great fireplace and adequate bar. It had it all.

Photo by Brian Jones on Unsplash
Photo by Brian Jones on Unsplash

They have been serving fresh Mexican-style food since 1980. It was always family owned although after a divorce years ago Casa Comida took a little turn for the worse and I did not enjoy the meals there as I once had. That is what happens when spouses split.

Casa Comida stopped serving in 2021 as it was tough to get the restaurant back to its “glory days” and sold for $1.5 million dollars. A great bargain.

When I heard that it was sold, I was hoping that someone would give it another shot or put a high-quality restaurant in its place.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the property was purchased by Gallway Builders who plan to put one and two-bedroom apartments and retail spaces at the location.

A row of a new townhouses in Richmond, British Columbia
Photo via vkyryl

The Gallway Builders' plan was approved by the Long Branch Planning Board on Feb. 20, and will include 22 one-bedroom and 26 two-bedroom apartments with a parking garage and retail space. The building will be 85,000 square feet.

There are obstacles as that property sits in a flood hazard zone since it abuts Branchport Creek. As a result, the first floor must sit 11 feet above the water elevation. I have seen that creek flood with a normal rain shower. I know that they have addressed the issue.

So long, Casa Comida; hello, new apartments. Live and prosper.

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