In less than a minute this video should remind everyone who puts down police officers that they really are there to protect and to serve. In an age when police are under constant scrutiny, when videos that began recording too late to show the whole story fill social media and unfairly indict officers, it is nice to see a video showing what cops are mostly like.

This happened in Plainsboro. A deer was trying to make it through a gap in a fence when it slid down and got wedged. Wedged so tightly in fact it appears at first that one of the bars is impaling the animal when in reality it's just so tightly caught in front of it's leg it gives that illusion. The officers, Sgt. Finkelstein and Patrolmen Breyta and Kowalczyk along with two private citizens quickly figured out that if the deer could just be lifted up to the wider opening between bars it would be able to free itself. Of course a frightened animal can struggle and kick. So instead of just going in with their hands and taking a hoof to the face, they thought to get a nylon rope beneath the animal and lift it up that way. See how it played out in the video above.

All in a day's work. Nice going, officers!

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