Despite Governor Murphy lifting the indoor dining curfew on restaurants and bars and upping the capacity limit to 35%, many people will still be watching the game at home with or without friends. Either way, you know we'll be eating a lot.

According to new research from pickswise, the average American consumes up to 8,083 calories watching the Super Bowl. So why not get them all in one bowl of cheesesteak soup?

DJ Danny Pavone has been a colleague and good friend for over 20 years. He's so dedicated to tailgating that this past season, even though he couldn't go to the Eagles games, he would still tailgate on his home driveway, then go inside and watch his team lose. Now that's dedication! One of his more sinful recipes is his cheesesteak soup.

If you think it sounds delicious, wait until you taste it!

Here's how to make it:

You start with 3 lbs of chip steak, cook it overnight in a crockpot, Italian seasoning, pepper, 3 onions.

Then in the morning add half a gallon of light cream, 1 block of cream cheese, beef bouillon, 2 lbs of American cheese added in 1/2 lb increments every 30 minutes.

And for health purposes DJ Danny says, "add parsley to make it look healthy."

If you'd like to eat healthier, The Beet has some ideas listed here, including Tom Brady's Chunky guacamole recipe. After what the Chiefs do to Brady, he may be staying away from solid foods for a while.

If not, here are some numbers on what you'll probably be eating courtesy of

Two slices of pepperoni pizza have 596 calories and 24.3g of fat.

Three 12 oz. cans of a normal beer have 458 calories and 0g of fat.

Three 12 oz. cans of soda have 420 calories and 0g of fat.

Three servings of tortilla chips have 418 calories and 18.3g of fat.

Three servings of potato chips have 465 calories and 31.9g of fat.

¼ cup of cheese dip has 73 calories and 5.5g fat.

¼ cup of seven layer dip has 76 calories and 4g of fat.

A single serving of beef nachos has 430 calories and 25g of fat.

A BBQ Sandwich has 437 calories and16g of fat.

Four meatballs have 160 calories and 12g of fat.


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