New Jersey is getting ready to legalize sports betting, and that's a very good thing. Between sports betting and marijuana, if you were to bet which would bring in more money to the state, it's sports betting by far.

Each year an estimated 10 billion dollars is spent on illegal sports betting in New Jersey, according to the operator of Monmouth Racetrack. Imagine if we could have a piece of that pie!

Sports betting is not only good for new New Jersey, it's also good for the leagues. They would be able to receive a royalty for their product, which is used to make money that they now get nothing from. They can also get in on the action, perhaps with betting facilities at the stadiums, or even set up their own prop bets. They can also track who's betting on what because once it's legal they will have data.

I asked my listeners and social media followers what they think will happen if we get sports betting and here's what they've come up with (and my replies)

On Facebook:

Kathleen Cahill Tintle: "More underground crime." I think while underground crime will still exist, there will now be competition and those that were once forced to bet illegally now won't have to.

John Kensil: "They’ll find a way to screw it up, like having a frog jumping contest at the Nj State Fair and turn into a steroid scandal." That Kensil is one funny comic and you should see him when you can!

Heather McKnight: "Better purses at the track, which will bring back breeding horses, hay Fields, veterinarians, farriers and many other professions."

Garth H. Raymond: "The government will find a way to screw it up."

Mike Costa: "Giants will still suck." Oh ye of little faith.

Andy Rehorn: "That it will go towards education. ; )" Andy could open for Kensil ;)

From Twitter:

I hope so!

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