We all know how beautiful it is living in Ocean County and the Jersey Shore. These three New Jersey towns were voted the most beautiful, anywhere. I'll say it again, I love where we live.

For us locals, we are spoiled by the beauty and the fun the Jersey Shore brings us. I know our kids will never understand that some people have never seen the beach or ocean. This is just hard for them to believe and for me to believe, but it's the truth.

Two Jersey Shore towns are beach towns and one is perfect and quaint for the shopping, downtown, and restaurants.

kzenon, Getty Stock ThinkStock
kzenon, Getty Stock ThinkStock

According to theculturetrip.com, the three Jersey Shore towns that made the most beautiful list are:

Red Bank

Spring Lake

Cape May

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Red Bank is a perfect town for a night out. It has delicious restaurants and bars, it's very trendy. The shops in downtown Red Bank are absolutely perfect to find that perfect gift for someone or for yourself. Red Bank has great music specials, music in the streets in the summer, it's perfect.

Spring Lake is absolutely gorgeous. From the houses to the quaint boardwalk, is there any place at the Jersey Shore that's better? The beach is lovely, surrounded by amazing homes, and this place is beautiful. I remember my aunt and uncle having a house in Spring Lake when I was younger. Every summer we would head to Spring Lake, New Jersey from Pennsylvania and I loved it so much. There are so many wonderful memories that were made there and still I love visiting Spring Lake.

Cape May made the list, of course. One of the most unique places on the Jersey Shore, let alone New Jersey. A day's visit to Cape May or several days for a mini-vacation, you can't go wrong with Cape May. From the history, the beaches, the wineries, and the Victorian houses, it's one of my favorite towns in New Jersey.

All three towns are winners in my books, too.

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