When people are declared missing, sometimes their cases are closed within minutes or hours after being found, but sometimes they can last much longer, even indefinitely.

The New Jersey State Police keeps a list of missing persons across the state. Some date back more than half a century, while the most recent on the list was reported two years ago.

See the video below for the pictures of 10 people still missing.

This past May the State Police held a special Missing in New Jersey event at Rutgers University.

Lt. Louis Andrinopoulos said the event was able to "bring everybody together to share their stories and commemorate their loved ones."

He said at the event families of missing persons were able to talk to law enforcement officials about their cases and see what more can be done.

He said police collected 15 DNA samples, dental, and medical records to help police with potential breaks in the cold cases.

State Police Sgt. Jeff Flynn said they are planning on holding a similar event in the future.

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