For years people along the South Jersey coast, from LBI on south to Cape May, have witnessed the annual fall migration of the Monarch Butterfly.

Hundreds and even thousands at a time can be seen along shore making their way to their wintering home in Southern Mexico. Yes, they pass through here on their way to Mexico every years.

Sightings and writings about the phenomenon go as far back as 1885 in Brigantine, NJ. I had the pleasure on two occasions, once in Ocean City and another time on the Atlantic City boardwalk, of witnessing this amazing natural event. They can be found in our area (Cape May and Atlantic Counties are your best bet) at the end of September and the beginning of October following the passing of a cold front.

Guess what's coming at the end of this week? You're right, a cold front that will drop temperatures by about 15 degrees from where we are now.

So if you've got the time to take a ride to one of our coastal South Jersey towns this weekend, look for something you'll never forget. The annual Monarch Butterfly migration through New Jersey!

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