OK, so I am a huge fan of time travel....not actual time travel, but the entertainment kind. Yes, time travel movies are my go-to. I did admit on the air on Wednesday that one of my favorites is "Time Travelers Wife". It may be labeled a bit of a "Chick Flick"...can I still say that in this PC culture? During the latest episode of #SpeakingMillennial, I probably shared too much with my co-hosts as they tried to talk me out of my suggestion that some are saying there are time travelers among us. We were discussing "Noah" who claims to have traveled back to our time from 2030. We were in touch briefly and my producer Kristen tried to book him for the show...he stopped responding...I'm thinking he got back to 2021 and we'll see him in a few years. Anyway, you'll love the conversation among my co-hosts...oh and Mike E. Winfield joined us for for this episode. He's a great comic and did not disappoint! Here's Jay's take:

Written by: Jay Black

This week we’re joined by both comedian Mike E. Winfield AND Bill’s incredible belief in the rantings of a lunatic.

First, Mike E. Winfield joined us to discuss his brand new comedy special “My Side of the Story”. It’s hilarious and so is he and our conversation ranges from Mike’s life as a comic to the genesis of this new special!

Second... well you gotta hear it to believe it. Bill thinks that there’s a time traveler in New Jersey and tries to convince Jessica and me that the guy isn’t a complete loon. It’s hilarious and to be frank, I’m still a little worried about Bill.

Check it out, you won’t be sorry. Unless you’re from the future, then you might be offended.

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