Everyone knows that the median home price in New Jersey is higher than it is in most of the country. In the hot real estate market has done nothing to cool prices. You may think that you are priced out of the New Jersey real estate market and are resigned to renting for the rest of your life, but there still is some good news. Gloucester City is a town that doesn’t get much attention but it has a lot to offer. Especially for a town with homes that are so affordable.

A historic working class community with great views of the Philly skyline, it’s a hop, skip and a jump away from the big city but with all the advantages of the suburbs. It’s boasts the Gloucester City Marina of Camden County which was developed for recreational boating. In fact Gloucester city high school was named one of America’s top high schools by US news and world report. The median home value is 117,000, which is significantly below the national average.

The homes tend to be old to older but with plenty of charm and some of them even border on grand. Surprisingly, many homes are priced in the $100 thousand range. A drive through Gloucester City will give you a feeling of the good old days, with a home price tag to boot.

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