Please don't ask what I was doing on Etsy, but while surfing the P2P e-commerce site I found some REAL Jersey items. I actually bought one. A vintage t-shirt from the first radio station I worked at as a kid in the late 70's!

There was some cool typical Jersey stuff, but I found the edgy side of Etsy too. In my findings, I discovered a birthday card featuring one of the crazy ladies on Real Housewives of New Jersey (But only send that one to close family member or friend with thick skin and a sense of humor.)

I also found a coffee mug that is perfect for NJ politicians and NJ101.5 air personalities, a fridge magnet that says "New Jersey An Adventure to Remember" with a picture of a hot air balloon and the State House. At least it shows where the hot air comes from.

But my favorite happens to be a specific t-shirt, because it's close to my South Jersey heart. Check out a gallery of great Jersey items I found on Etsy above.

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