So there’s this business called Willard Brothers Woodcutters. It’s in Trenton. Now the wood business isn’t exactly the sexiest biz in the world. It’s pretty straightforward.

Not the kind of thing that would set social media on fire or turn people into wood influencers. Yet here we are.

You see, at this company, Tobias Smith is a passionate guy. Sure, maybe he comes off a bit mild like Kip in “Napoleon Dynamite” but he’s passionate about marketing and about music. Those worlds have collided in a way we’re here for.

Google Maps
Google Maps

He slapped together a silly rap video to promote a fall sale and his brother Jesse Smith, owner of the store he manages, put it on their modest Instagram page.

Our Instagram is very centralized in the woodworking community and that’s where we get most of our sales and foot traffic, and my brother (Jesse) said he was going to put it on his Twitter. I didn’t think it would do very well,” explains Tobias.

“He called me the next day and told me there were 17,000 views. He’s my older brother, so I didn’t trust him, I told him: Jesse, you don’t have 17,000 views. Then I checked, and he was right. For a while we were getting 20,000 views an hour. It was exciting.

Yes, it blew up. Why? See for yourself.

My favorite line?

Let’s all go on a shopping spree
Did I mention everything here used to be a tree?

Some are saying it’s the worst thing ever. Others are saying it’s the best thing ever.

Smart folks know the real truth is it’s both.

According to, Tobias Smith, the mad genius dressed like Clark Griswold in this video, is actually in a band called Atomic Tom. They’ve played on Jimmy Kimmel Live and 13 years ago had 5 million online plays of their song “Take Me Out.”

“I’m the drummer, as you can see, nobody would want to see me be a lead singer,” Tobias Smith says of his place in the band.

Aww, Tobias, you’re killing us, bro.

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