Being a Giants fan all my life, I can totally sympathize with Christopher Greyshock, the man who allegedly tried to dull the pain of the Jets 41-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills Sunday with a joint, a bag of weed, and three quarters of a bottle of bourbon.

His explanation to police when he was caught driving? He had to get drunk because the "Jets Suck."

I once tried that with a state trooper I had cut off when I pulled into the shoulder lane on the Turnpike on opening day of Giants-Eagles 1984. When I explained to the officer that the Giants had just scored and I wanted to get into the stadium, he replied "The Giants! They're a stinko team!"

We laughed ... then he wrote me a $150 ticket worth 4 points.

Along with those four Super Bowls, we Giants fans have endured and are enduring a lot of pain, mostly at the hands of the Philadelphia Eagles (See "Miracle of the Meadowlands I and II"). Though it's nothing like the Jets fans, who have not seen their
team win the Super Bowl since 1969. So I asked on social media, "What's the worst game you've ever suffered through in all the years of following your team?"

Here's what I got.

Samantha Murphy: Eagles/Carolina NFC Championship game destroyed me a little. Walking out of that stadium that night, it was so quiet and awful. Worst loss ever.

Tom Madden: Eagles/Tampa for sure!! Nothing is even close! ...That was the last game played at Veterans Stadium. Rhonde Barber intercepts Donovan McNabb, and the Bucs go onto win the Super Bowl.

Shane Howell: I saw real tears leaving the infamous Tampa game. The rest of us were in shock and disbelief. That was a rough one.

Gregory Coben: Well, my team is Rutgers, so there are quite a few to choose from in the past couple of years.

Ric Tobias: 93 Phillies, Joe Carter, nuff said

Tim Grill: 1993 World Series. Phillies/Blue Jays. Ended with Joe Carter's walk-off home run. I still can't watch it.

Greg Vince: Game 5 of the 2011 NLDS. Chris Carpenter out-duels Halladay and Howard goes down and is never the same again. One of the best baseball games ever but a great chapter in Phillies baseball history ended that night.

Marc Slavitt: 1997 Eagles vs. Cowboys Monday night football. Chris Boniol and Tommy Hutton botching the snap.

Michael Beifeld: Giants losing to Michael Vick and the Eagles ... Just kidding. I’m an Eagles fan and wanted to remind the Giants fans about what a bad loss that was for them. Shaddup Michael!

Jeff Fatratbastard Pirrami: I’m from Buffalo ... leave me alone!

Irv Slifkin: Flyers-Black Hawks finals. The phantom goal. I was there. Horrible.

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