It’s really hard to knock Gov. Phil Murphy out of the top spot as the worst politician in our state. But If you try hard enough, and the corrupt pols in Trenton often do, you can get there.

Today’s “Worst NJ Politician” is none other than the guy who championed the "gas tax" a few years ago to provide cover for tax-raising Gov. Chris Christie: State Senator Steve Oroho.

Oroho, who came to the New Jersey 101.5 studio a couple years ago to try to convince me and you that the gas tax and the automatic increase without the legislature having any say was a great idea. He sounded foolish and dishonest then, and it’s only gotten worse. Now, he has the nerve to ask the governor to use his executive order authority to prevent the very increase that Steve fought for?

Where has Steve been while the governor did use his executive order authority to crush businesses and families in the Garden State over the past few months? Where was Steve when the reality of who was vulnerable to COVID was exposed, and we knew beyond a doubt that healthy, younger people were not going to be impacted? Where was Steve over this weekend when the CDC confirmation of what we’ve been saying for months was exposed? The answer? Nowhere. Hiding in his bunker making statements to grab a headline in a fake fight with the governor over a tax increase that he gave us.

The hypocrisy of these corrupt politicians knows no bounds. Steve Oroho should resign in disgrace. He’s shown himself to be a hypocrite and a coward. I’d say a disappointment, but since he pretended to be a tax cut champion while actively fighting to raise taxes, we knew his true colors a long time ago.

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