Everyday I try to impart some knowledge based on what I learned reading up on the topics on the show. Then there are those days where I learn something during the course of the show.

I had no idea that upside down Christmas Trees were a thing. So to the Google I went. Turns out that depending on the article you find, the tradition started sometime around the 7th century as pagans converted to Christianity and looked at the upside down tree as symbolic of the Crucifix. Of course before I read this I speculated that this was a new trend, maybe push back on the "war on Christmas"..."Christmas in Distress"...something like that.

Anyway, I did throw out the idea that maybe I'd consider doing this, but we only get a real tree every year so how to water? A caller suggested building a metal base, and securing the tree to a pole and then installing a bladder to water it top down...a bladder for the tree?!? No thanks. We're headed out Saturday to get our real tree, probably from a big box store because well, they're way cheaper. What about you?

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