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E-cigarettes are all the rage, especially among teenagers, but is vaping safer than smoking? Well, it seems as though no one really knows. Sure, public acceptance of vaping seems to be catching on, but health experts are mixed on whether vaping is better for one's health versus smoking. One thing many of them are able to agree on is that more research is needed.

What is known is that while e-cigarettes don't contain tobacco, most of them do contain nicotine, which is addictive. According to WebMD, some studies suggest that nicotine can be harmful to arteries, and that people with heart problems should stay away from the chemical.

And nicotine isn't the only harmful ingredient found in e-cigarettes. Some brands contain chemicals like formaldehyde and diacetyl, according to WebMD.

Another troubling fact is that teenagers that start out vaping are more likely to turn to cigarettes down the road. Those findings came from a recent report published by the National Academics of Science, Engineering and Medicine. In the same report, however, the scientists conclude that vaping is less harmful than smoking.

Click on the podcast player above to listen to our discussion about vaping. Perhaps you agree with us that it's better to just never start in the first place, or maybe you think it's the lesser evil of the two. Are you a smoker that has recently turned to vaping? How come you made the switch?

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