The New Jersey/New York region is pretty proprietary about bagels; after all, we’re in the epicenter of all things bagel.

You might assume that either New Jersey or New York eats the most bagels. You would be wrong.

According to research done by a gaming website, Betway, the state that consumes the most bagels is….Hawaii? That’s what they say, anyway.

The average Hawaiian eats 142 bagels a year; second is Utah (?!), then Maryland. New Jersey (82) and New York (111), ground zero for bagels, don’t even make the top 5! Can you say “recount”?

Vicky Ng/Unsplash
Vicky Ng/Unsplash

According to Betway, New Jersey’s favorite bagel order is a plain bagel with plain cream cheese. Next is everything, and then cinnamon raisin.

Nationally, the top bagel choices are (in order):

⚫ cinnamon raisin
⚫ blueberry
⚫ plain
⚫ everything
⚫ cheese
⚫ onion
⚫ chocolate chip
⚫ garlic
⚫ sesame
⚫ egg

Grace Rowan/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley
Grace Rowan/ Townsquare Media of the Hudson Valley

Here are the nation’s favorite cream cheese flavors:

⚫ plain
⚫ strawberry
⚫ garlic and herb
⚫ chive
⚫ jalapeno cheddar


The most popular toppings for a bagel are

⚫ cream cheese (duh) 57%
⚫ bacon, egg, and cheese
⚫ sausage, egg, and cheese
⚫ ham & cheese
⚫ cream cheese, bacon, and tomato
⚫ pizza bagel
⚫ salmon and cream cheese
⚫ Nutella
⚫ turkey and swiss
⚫ peanut butter and jelly


In New Jersey, believe it or not, bacon, egg, and cheese and sausage, egg, and cheese both finished ahead of pork roll! (or Taylor Ham, if you prefer);

I don’t doubt their methodology, but there still is something that isn’t quite right with these findings.


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