One of New Jersey's US Senators has a lot to say about confederate statues and their display on public property. Senator Cory Booker wants them gone. Not sure where NJ's other US Senator stands on this, but Senator Bob Menendez may be slightly preoccupied by his public corruption trial getting underway soon.

Seems that the war on history has hit "ludicrous speed" (to borrow a term from the classic Mel Brooks film, Spaceballs.) What started as a legal protest from several white supremacist groups in Charlottesville, Virginia quickly turned violent as the politicians and police were unable to keep the protesters and the counter protesters separate. The counter protesters were comprised largely of members of a group called AntiFa an anarchist group listed as a domestic terrorist group by the New Jersey Department of Homeland Security.

The President of the United States correctly pointed out that "both sides" were responsible for the violence. Many of Trump's detractors and spokespeople from far Left groups used the death of a young woman allegedly murdered by a man belonging to a neo-Nazi group who drove his car into the crowd as a political tool to damage the President Trump. As absurd as I think this is, my position and that of the President is actually supported by many more people that the main stream media reports. I was flooded with calls over the past couple days during the morning show. Many of these callers identified are black New Jersey residents who believe that we need to learn from history and more importantly focus on real issues plaguing minority communities here and across the nation.

I wasn't even planning on discussing the issue except for the unbelievable move by ESPN to remove a commentator from the broadcast schedule. Part-time ESPN commentator Robert Lee was removed as part of the coverage team for the upcoming University of Virginia football game scheduled for September 2nd. Yup, 'cause his name is Robert Lee. By the way, he's Asian-America. Context is important and we don't yet know if the man had been threatened but either ESPN made an insane move catering to political correctness and fear OR the left has become so unhinged that they are threatening violence because someone shares a name with a historical figure.

Keep going guys, you've already crossed into crazy territory. The left wing Trump haters and their apologists including Cory Booker are starting to drift into "birther" territory.  Republicans made this mistake through the Obama years and all they accomplished was emboldening the President and all but guaranteeing a second term. They did the same thing when Bill Clinton was president. The whole Monica Lewinsky affair never really got traction among centrist voters and supporters of Clinton. Again, driving up his numbers among supporters and exposing themselves as seemingly unable to have a meaningful conversation about policy.  At this point, the economy is growing, jobs are being created, illegal border crossings are down by nearly 70% and have you checked your 401k lately?

Sure Cory, keep talking about monuments.

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