This week, the Republican-controlled U.S. Senate is almost surely going to vote to acquit President Donald Trump, closing out his impeachment trial. The vote will down party lines or awfully close to it.

And the Iowa caucuses, off to a clumsy and problematic start though they may be, will kick into gear the race for the Democratic nomination to compete against Trump -- with opponents of the president trying to decide both whom they most adore and who stands a chance of general election victory.

But, Jim Gearhart says in his weekly Facebook Live show and podcast, the real battle isn't for the presidency. It's for a position with much more lasting power.

"It appears they're almost exhuming this poor lady to keep her on the court," Jim says of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who just weeks ago declared she's cancer-free, having survived yet another serious health scare.

Ginsburg's often viewed as the court's liberal lion (though justices bristle at any suggestion of partisanship). But Trump's already filled two seats on the Supreme Court. A third could have effects lasting a generation or more.

"If you have another conservative justice on the Supreme Court, the progressive game is over," Jim says.

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— New Jersey 101.5 staff. Includes prior reporting by Dan Alexander

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