Much has been said and written about the legendary Nothnagle log cabin, the oldest log cabin in the country which sits proudly on Swedesboro Road in Gibbstown, Gloucester County, New Jersey.

It's really a cool looking structure, solid and quaint, built between 1638 and 1643 and is one of the oldest surviving cabins in the United States. It was put on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976.

As a real estate hobbyist, I've seen different types of log cabins for sale all over the place from time to time and they are very cool and quaint, but this one is the real McCoy!

It is attached to the home of Doris and Harry rink, whoever owned and maintained the property since 1940. And now, they're putting the cabin on the market.

This home which evokes the canines in fairytales and storybooks has three bedrooms and one bath and comes with some amazing artifacts and historic furnishings.

You'll get 1.3 acres of property including a garden, a 16-foot deep well, Finnish-style woodworking, and shelves with artifacts that were found in the home, including a 300-year-old pair of shoes! An addition added to the original 16-by-22-foot cabin makes it livable.

But be warned, if you decide to purchase this beautiful cabin, you've got no shot of EVER knocking it down or revamping it in any way. And--you have to agree to a life estate in which you give permission for the home to be maintained exactly how it is and for the rinks to continue leading tours throughout the home.

Still, for a cool $2.9 million you will get to own a piece of history. And not just Garden State history, but US history.

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