Ah how lovely, the first snows of the season. Makes you want to break out the marshmallows and hot chocolate and snuggle up by a warm fireplace.

Screech! Ahshpett!**

Get the hell out of here!

Makes we want to take my friend Freddie Colon who lives out in Phoenix up on his offer and stay with him a while.

Haven’t we had enough?

And now, on top of having had the worst storm to hit New Jersey in recorded history, with still thousands sitting in the cold and dark…this!

As grandma would say…” cazze’ brutta’ tiempo’!

Ray Rossi
Ray Rossi

Wish I could look at it as lovingly as it’s falling right now, but with each falling flake, I see another ton of weight added to the already over-compromised power lines; and the prospect of more cold and dark ahead.

Now all we need are the locusts and pestilence and we’re set!

Rossi Glossary:
Ahshpett!** - Wait!
” cazze’ brutta’ tiempo’! - f'n ugly weather!

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