It's Wednesday and the big news is...OK, OK, it's snowed...the next episode of Speaking Millennial, The Podcast, dropped!

Jay and Jessica joined me briefly on Wednesday to discuss the episode that features a Jersey guy who is in on the ground floor of a new app that Jay describes as "Twitter for Movie and TV Reviews". Jake, who lives in LA now, was a terrific guest and explained just how useful the tool can be for the average movie and TV viewer. Of course, what I really got out of the conversation today is the fact that both Jessica and Jay were working at home. My commute was a bit different than theirs...

Here's Jay's explanation of the newest episode of Speaking Millennial:

Written by: Jay Black

Stardust is a brand new social media app where you can share instant, 30 second reactions, to whatever movie or TV show you’ve just seen. I found out about it from my ten-year-old son, Keane, who, as well as being better looking and funnier than I am, has also proven to be far more popular than I am as well. This week, we’ve invited on Jake Konner, the millennial head of marketing of the scrappy young internet startup to tell us about the genesis of the idea, getting heard in a crowded media landscape, and what his life is like as a successful young person living out in beautiful Los Angeles. As an added bonus, we found out during the recording that Jake is from the great state of New Jersey, proving that the same tenacity that it takes to survive driving on the Turnpike is well-suited to the rough and tumble world of web startups!

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As always, thanks for listening!

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