Jim Gearhart is back.

The legendary broadcaster and radio pioneer is returning to New Jersey 101.5 after a long recovery — having taken a fall at his home in late 2015 that ended his 25-year stint with the station.

He's now back with "The Jim Gearhart Show," a weekly podcast available every Thursday on iTunes, Google Play and your favorite podcatcher services.

Jim says he's struck by how little has changed before he "decided to try out for the Olympic cellar-diving team at my home."

In New Jersey, he says, politicians are up to the same dirty tricks and "political chicanery" as ever — with plenty of government waste and imposing plenty of taxes (like New Jersey's newly heightened gas tax) on the people of the Garden State.

"I could see through the cracks in my cocoon that New Jersey politicians were up to their traditional shenanigans, thumbing their collective nose at the public — milking the public trust, and the public treasury as well, for their own petty ambitions," he says.

And he's got choice words for the far-left, and it's seething hatred of President Donald Trump.

"This is a miasma of hate and malice, sweeping across the country like a devastating cloud. And I think it's as deadly and as devastating to our souls as the Chernobyl nuclear fallout cloud, and that and Fukushima have been to people's bodies," he says.

There's no voice quite like yours, Jim. Good to have you back.

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— Townsquare staff

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