After the controversy surrounding the presidential election, there is a bill that would take election rules and law out of the hands of the state and let the federal government take control, which Jim Gearhart believes is part of a bigger plan.

“Talk about Newspeak. That’s under the notion that this time it will be fair. There will be no more of this worrying about whether there were false votes and a corrupt election because the federal government will control it,” Jim during the latest weekly Jim Gearhart podcast and Facebook Live show, presented every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. on

Jim believes the true purpose of the bill is an attempt to control the 2022 mid-term election, which could see a swing back to the right by Trump supporters who go to the polls.

“They could overcome that but by controlling the election, the state will no longer set the rules, the laws or the dates. They could conceivably have the congressional and the executive power to postpone or even cancel the election if they thing it’s going to go against them,” Jim said.

Jim said he questioned the use of the word “insurgency” to describe the riot at the Capitol on Jan. 6 but was corrected when he looked up the word.

“An insurgency is when the selective use of violence against people or groups that do not comply politically with the wishes of the rebels. To a very small extent, maybe a tempest in a political teapot, this was an insurrection of sorts because here are people with a particular ideology committing violent acts against people who do not comply with their political ideology,” Jim said, adding the thinks the real insurgency has come from the left.

“How do you have these groups with total impunity on the west coast burning down establishments, businesses, government operations, police stations and everything and it’s not prosecuted at all.”

Jim says they keep doing it because they know that will get away with it.

“You’ve got it going both ways with this insurgency business but I think the insurgency from the left right now is in the catbird seat,” Jim says.

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