It’s a long-standing tradition: the outgoing president leaves a letter in the Oval Office for their successor. It started with Ronald Reagan when he left a letter for George H.W. Bush in 1989.

Donald Trump kept up the tradition and left a message for Joe Biden despite Trump’s refusal to communicate or welcome the Bidens to the White House during the last months of his administration.

Biden described the letter as “very generous” but would not reveal its contents. Jim Gearhart wondered just what was in that letter during the latest weekly Jim Gearhart podcast and Facebook Live show, presented every Thursday at 10:30 a.m. on

“I think maybe a note with just one word in it: 'psych,'” Jim said.

“It will remain a great mystery" until Geraldo Rivera does a program revealing its contents like the one he did opening Al Capone’s vault, Jim joked.

Jim asked for those watching his Facebook Live to make their guesses in the comments.

Among their thoughts:

  • "Dear Joe I’ll give you a life time supply of Trump steaks for a pardon." — Anthony Frattali
  • "Joe, you know I won." — Parna Santangelo
  • "Dear Joe, You know I won, watch your back. LOL Donald" — Tom McGarrity
  • A package of Depends adult diapers — John McClellan
  • "Get a hobby Joe" — Dorothy Asson
  • "My crowd is bigger than your crowd bro" — Alaa Alexander
  • "Let’s see if you can do better" — Cheryl Caporaso-Maines

Read more about the history of Oval Office letters in this CNN report including copies of the previous letters.

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