The three amigos...Senate President Steve Sweeney, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin and Governor Phil Murphy walk into a diner...and the joke was on them.

The owner of the diner did not support the minimum wage hike to fifteen dollars an hour. Actually, he said it could cost people jobs and force him to close. He said at the very least, his food costs may go up as much as thirty percent. Wow.

The elite insider Governor and his fake working class hero shill Steve Sweeney are trying to push through a spike in wages that not only could jeopardize hundreds of thousands of low income workers, but might put small shops right out of business.

We heard from business owners concerned about their future in NJ all week. Many realizing that the pols in Trenton have no interest in making New Jersey affordable. They have no interest in making New Jersey prosperous. They only want to secure their own power and ability to take your money.

You'd think that the pols in Trenton would have at least looked at the disastrous results in other places around the country where the wage spiked up. Restaurants closing in San Francisco. Job and wage reductions in Seattle and the increasing unemployment in Portland, Oregon. All this and then the rising cost of food in NYC should have been enough to slow down the legislatures mad rush to raise the wage, but, it's clear, they don't speak for us.

They do not speak for New Jersey.

The battle to take back our home state from these vultures starts with the fight over the minimum wage hike. Wanna hit back? Send your legislators a message. Tell them to vote 'NO'. Then vote out any 'yes' vote regardless of party in 2019. And then in 2021, let's fire Phil Murphy.

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