NJ Transit is still a mess.

This time it was concrete falling off of a wall in Summit causing a suspension of the Gladstone line. It may seem a minor issue, unless you rely on the train to get you in and out of NYC every day for work. Then every "little" thing adds up to frustration, lost hours and work disruptions. When is enough enough? Governor Christie continues to stand by the incompetence and inefficiencies of the organization and loves to put the blame on everybody else.

The reality is the special interests and the Republicans in Trenton conspired with the Democratic majority and gave us a gas tax. Then they doubled down on a plan to borrow billions for projects like new light rails. Remember when they were fighting for the gas tax?  It was all about crumbling infrastructure, telling people that lives were at risk if we don't pay more in taxes to fill the Transportation Trust Fund. So they got their tax.

They even tricked people into thinking that the money would be "dedicated"...but what did we really get? We're still in the same miserable position we were in a couple years ago. Late trains, failing debris, potholes, service interruptions, overcrowding and congestion. For all the politicking behind new taxes, it seems that once again, only the elite special interests won the day. And as you can imagine, these are not the people that share your daily commute.

Governor Christie is coming to the New Jersey 101.5 studio for Ask the Governor on Monday.  You will have a chance to ask him...why has no one been fired from NJ Transit?  Why did they push back on the positive train control that could have possibly saved a life in the Hoboken crash.  Why are our roads still a mess?  And why do you take zero responsibility as the chief executive?

Beyond the governor, whose time in office is thankfully counting down, there's an election in November. Phil Murphy has already promised more than a billion dollars in new taxes.  Kim Guadagno has promised to look into all the leaders at NJ Transit and hold them accountable.  Although Ambassador Murphy has not agreed to join me on the air to speak to you, Kim will be in Friday and I'll ask her directly what she'd do about NJ Transit if she wins.

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