They’ve done it again. A product I fell in love with and then had it snatched it away. I fear my go-to soda, Black Cherry Fresca, is no more. I don’t have anything official, like a press release from Coca Cola, but the 12 packs are gone from the store shelves.

I went to two Stop and Shops and one Shop Rite and not only was there no soda, but in all three cases there was no longer a spot for it on the shelf. I don’t drink a lot of soda, but when I do, it is almost always Black Cherry Fresca. Occasionally I”ll have a root beer or regular black cherry soda, but I prefer the Fresca version because it is sugar free and has a cleaner, less syrupy taste than most sodas. I’m somewhat hopeful it really hasn’t been discontinued since it still appears on the Fresca website. If all three of my local stores have stopped carrying it, the effect is the same.

I realize this is a “first world problem” but it is annoying nonetheless. Campbell's Soup did this with the two soups I enjoyed the most and Doritos did it with the flavor I liked the most. I know it’s probably because I’m the only one buying these items but it still seems unfair to get me hooked on something and then yank it away. I’ll probably just go back to drinking water all the time, but I’ll miss my Black Cherry Fresca.

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