Matt Farley had a strange business model, and it paid off. Since 2004 he's been producing ridiculous novelty songs under dumb pseudonums. We're talking a lot of them. At least 19,000. In one year he made $23,000 doing this weird side job.

He puts them out on iTunes and Spotify and gets $0.005 each time someone gets curious enough to check one out. More if they download it from iTunes. Among his songs are purposely dumb tunes like "Lauryn Hill Is Like Awesome And Great" and "I'm Sorry I Forgot Our Anniversary."

One of his lengthier pseudonyms is The Guy Who Sings Songs About Cities And Towns. Okay, but cities and towns where? Only Massachusetts since that's where he's from? No. From everywhere. Most likely places he's never even set foot in.

New Jersey was not left off his list.

How ridiculous are these songs? Here are four examples. Be careful. This first one about Edison, NJ is catchy in a terrible, awful way. If you think the "Baby Shark" song was bad, God help you if you get this one caught in your head.

Here's another purposely awful one about Hoboken. Kudos to him for having the restraint to wait until late in the song to mention Frank Sinatra and the Cake Boss.

This one may be the worst, yet to me it is among the funniest because it's about my hometown of Rahway. There's not a whole lot to do in Rahway, and this song, while always remaining positive in sound, captures that with great lines like "they got the Rahway River, let's go swimming sometime" and "let's go down to the public library."

Finally, the birthplace of all bad ideas, Trenton. I'm I the only one hearing a tiny bit of Jim Morrison and The Doors in this one?

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