It’s time for my every-three-months health update, since that is how often I get my cancer-screening C/T scans. I’m very happy to report that my most recent scan turned up ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

As time goes by, I get less stressed out than I used to around scan time, and this time, for the first time, I was expecting good news. A year ago, I was in the hospital suffering from the side effects of chemotherapy, and a year later, I’ve recovered to the point that now I expect good news, not bad news. I try not to get too cocky about it since the cancer can always come back, but apparently, following the oncologists’ orders resulted in the desired outcome.

I have to go a few more scans until they will consider me cancer free, but I already think of myself that way. Hopefully, they will extend the time in between scans and I’ll only have to get stressed out every six months instead of every three months. Everybody at Fox Chase Cancer Center was absolutely amazing and I probably wouldn’t be alive without them. Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

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