Good news if you like green ice cream. The McDonald's Shamrock Shake is back for a limited time along with the Oreo McFlurry. It's the perfect dessert after a night of guzzling green beer at your favorite pub or the perfect side for the kids Happy Meal.

One thing I hate about the Shamrock Shake or the McRib, for that matter, is not the delicious tasty sandwich or drink, but that you can only get them for a limited time.

With the fast-food wars being what they are and restaurants vying to find the item that will make you come back for more, why would when they finally find that item limit your access or worse yet, take it away completely?

There are so many fast-food sandwiches I loved but can no longer get. One example was the Dunkin' Donuts Porkroll sandwich. It was pork roll egg and cheese on a light croissant. It was heaven in the morning and when it was out, my producer Sam Doyle and I would get one each morning on our way back from working all night in Philadelphia. It was a ritual and reward that we would look forward to as the shift was ending. Now "after a limited time," they took it away forever. One of the many sandwiches I loved that's now gone.

Why can't these places knowing that they have what people crave, just leave it on the menu all year? You think they would learn from making breakfast available all day. In this world of "on-demand," people want what they want when they want it. I want a Dunkin' Donuts pork roll sandwich!  Here are some of the other fast food items that we want and can only get "for a limited time" or no longer at all.

YUM: Fast food items you love that are no longer around

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