When I shared this picture I took at a red light of this crazy vehicle I asked if anyone knew what it was to please email me. Man, did I get a TON of email! Thank you everyone!

Mystery solved. The overwhelming consensus is that this trike that looks like a car is actually a Polaris Slingshot. It sells for an msrp of $19,999 (as of 2015 anyway). Here's a closer look with a write-up from Popular Mechanics.

"The first time you see the Polaris Slingshot coming at you, it looks like a set piece from some big-budget Marvel movie—this is a mode of transportation for someone with a secret identity and superpowers. There's that wide arachnid front end -skimming the pavement with spats and spoilers and open-wheel fenders, a prototype racer from the future. Then the rest of the machine comes into view, and it gets even wilder." - Popular Mechanics

A Marvel movie is right! Many who wrote mentioned how damn cool this looks but how impractical it is. I don't care how impractical it is, you know you want one!

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