This past weekend I performed at the Stress Factory with Joe DeRosa, Johnny Mac, and in honor of his 90th birthday, Phil Hochman. Before I went on Friday night, owner/comic Vinnie Brand, asked me if I'm hungry and tells me about the fantastic breakfast burger that they make with eggs that comes from Vinnie's own farm. I'm in!

So they bring me this incredible burger topped with bacon, a fried egg, cheese, and chips about ten minutes before I'm about to go on. It was big and juicy and when I tried to pick it up I knew that if I ate it I was going to wear it, so I figured I'd save it for later. So all night I'm thinking about this burger I'm going to eat on my way home.

As I'm walking down the street after leaving the club, I get approached by this homeless guy who couldn't speak. He hands me some kind of paper and I give him a few dollars cause I'm a nice guy (and you know what they say about nice guys). He starts pointing at the to go box and excitedly motioning both hands to his mouth. I'm looking at him like, "but I gave you money" and he's now real excited gesturing and grunting, grunting and gesturing, so I gave him the burger which he immediately sat at an outside table and wolfed down.

When I got to the parking garage to get my car, guess who taps me on the shoulder. I look at him and say "What do you want now dessert?" He's got a big smile on his face, rubs his stomach and shakes my hand. The next night, all I wanted was a breakfast burger, this one with Taylor ham, and I've gotta tell you, it is delicious!

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