So after you've done all your prep work for the upcoming storm that's hitting New Jersey. Once you've got the bread and milk, and since we're still dealing with the pandemic, the gloves and soap, once you take care of all those little storm hacks you never would have thought of, it's time to just settle in, watch the snow fall and have a good stiff drink. If you're lucky it could even be brought to you by a trained St Bernard.

But what are you going to drink? The very funny Reverend Bob Levy who's recovering from neck surgery and can now drink again has a suggestion.

See Bob return to the comedy stage New Year's Eve in Atlantic City, But what are you drinking to get you through the storm? I'd prefer something warm, perhaps a hot buttered rum or spiced cider. I could also do an Irish coffee, but that's me.

Here are some of the suggestions that you came up with.

LOOK: The best drinks to get you through the storm

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