According to security firm Safe Home and reported by the Burlington County times, compared to the rest of the country, people in New Jersey are not particularly heavy drinkers.

We rank 38th out of the 50 states (plus D.C.) with 57.37% of the adult population drinking regularly. The rate of adult drinking fell 1.7% from 2008-2017, and we have 1.6 craft breweries per drinking age adult. The bad news: 26.1% of adults say that they binge drink regularly. The study did not measure rates of alcoholism or alcohol related deaths, just overall drinking.

So, who drinks the most? People in Washington, DC. Over 70% of adults drink regularly and 38.8% binge drink regularly. Following the nation’s capital are: Vermont, South Dakota, New Hampshire, and North Dakota. People in Arkansas consume the least alcohol, followed by Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Oklahoma.

Five of the top drinking states were in the Midwest while eight of the bottom ten were in the South (I guess moonshining ain’t what it used to be).

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