Love Food recently put together a list of the best Chinese restaurants in every state. Their list was developed using a combination of accolades, awards, reviews, and the staff at Love Food.

I must agree there are outstanding restaurants on this list that I have frequented in other cities. This list has great credibility.

In true Big Joe Henry fashion, I have also included my favorite Chinese restaurants in Philadelphia, New York, and New Jersey. I have noted the restaurants that both Love Food and I enjoy. There are good Chinese restaurants in each location, but these are my favorites and Love Food's, too.

If your favorite Chinese restaurant is missing, feel free to let me know. I would love to check it out.

New York

Love Food pick: CHILI, New York City

This is a Michelin-star restaurant that has an extensive menu and is famous for their dim sum and won tons. Their chefs are trained very aptly in Sichuan style and the dishes are delicious.

CHILI opened in 2021 and has received accolades from prestigious food critics and media. The prices for this outstanding restaurant are reasonable.

Love Food and Big Joe Henry's pick: Chow House, New York City

Nestled in Greenwich Village Chow House is one of my favorite Chinese restaurants. The service is impressive, and the food is fresh and cooked perfectly.

Smoked tea duck and braised beef in chili sauce are my favorites. Come hungry because you will find appetizers that you will want to try, they are exceptionally good.

You will also appreciate the atmosphere. I enjoy going there and wish I could make it more often. Chow House opened in 2017, make it a part of your trip to New York and bring friends so that you can share these great dishes.

Big Joe Henry's pick: Dim Sum Palace, New York City

Dim Sum Palace has been an institution. Featuring Cantonese cuisine, their success has enabled them to expand to four more locations throughout New York.

The food is good, and it is tough to beat the Dim Sum. The reviews have always been strong, and I concur. I like the Peking duck, the scallops and asparagus in the special sauce, the lobster Cantonese is particularly good, and you cannot go wrong with the appetizers.

As with most New York City restaurants the space is small, but the seats are comfortable. An excellent choice if you are in the city.


Love Food and Big Joe Henry's pick: Han Dynasty, Philadelphia

The Han Dynasty has been open since 2007 and has expanded into several locations throughout Philadelphia and New York City.

You must go to the Old City location of the Han Dynasty. It is in the old Coin Exchange building on Chestnut.

The décor is tremendous, and it will transport you to a Sichuan experience. The food is incredibly good with dan noodles, spicy beef in chili sauce, ginger shredded duck and a side of sliced Chinese cabbage with dry peppers are my favorites.

This is necessary to go with friends and turn your table into a Lazy Susan and pick and share. I have never been to any other location than the Old City location so I cannot vouch for the quality of food at those locations, but if Old City is any indication, it is probably incredibly good.

Big Joe Henry's pick: Buddakan, Philadelphia

The ten-foot golden Budda sits patiently on a stage-like setting at Buddakan. While intimidating at first, it eventually blends in as part of the Asian décor.

The food is good there and I like the dim sum sampler and the spicy beef choices that they have. Their service is good, and it is a nice place to share a good meal.

New Jersey

Love Food and Big Joe Henry's pick: Hunan Taste, Denville

Pull up to this palace in Denville, walk in and you are transported to a special place. The décor is beautiful, Chinese authentic and very eye-catching.

I agree with Love Food on their description and high accolades of Hanan Taste. I enjoy this restaurant which transformed an old skating rink into an authentic Asian experience.

Hunan Taste has excellent food and I highly recommend the Grand Marnier shrimp, the Peking duck and Hunan duck are exceptionally good as is the General Tso’s Triple fragrance. The appetizer choices are many and tasty and it is tough to watch the amount you eat before you have your entrée.’

Hunan Taste has won awards and garnered outstanding reviews for its food, décor, and service. This is a necessary trip here in New Jersey.

Big Joe Henry's pick: Peking Pavilion, Manalapan

Any restaurant that can keep a head chef for close to 40 years is pretty darn good. There is an exceptionally low turnover at the Peking Pavilion and that is a tribute to husband-and-wife owners Corinna and Mike Koo. '

The food, atmosphere and service are incredibly good.

They had the crab Rangoon on the menu as a special about a year and a half ago, I begged them to put that item on the menu permanently, they did, and it is particularly good. Try the Crystal shrimp dumplings, the Mongolian beef, and the

Grand Marnier prawns, they are all outstanding. You are going to have an enjoyable experience at the Peking Pavilion, take advantage of it.

Big Joe Henry's pick: Xina, Toms River

This is a quite simple restaurant in décor but serves a cornucopia of items. They have sushi, shellfish, and Chinese cuisine.

I like the spicy crab salad, General Tso’s chicken and the fried diver scallops, to name a few. The food is good, and I have imbibed in both the sushi and Chinese dishes. Xina is amazingly simple, gets great reviews and is an enjoyable dining experience.

That was Love Food’s and my best Chinese restaurants. There are more that are good, but the restaurants listed above are worth bringing to your attention.

Enjoy the experience and the food

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