This week, Troy Moore joins a Speaking Millennial podcast that unfortunately devolves into a debate so savage and personal that I hesitate to even bring up its subject for fear of breaking the internet...


Spadea is a three-floss-a-day guy, WHICH to my way of thinking is like saying you’re a five-mothballs-floating-in-your-soup guy: utterly ridiculous.

The human race has put a man on the moon and figured out how to make pornography free for everyone, we should not have a gum-maintenance system comprised solely of minted string and angry dental hygienists shaming us for not using that string.

My argument is for floss-shaming to stop and for the proud, brilliant inventors of America to get working on a solution.  I’d like it to involve lasers maybe. If I can control it with my amazon Alexa that would be great, but not necessary.

What I don’t want is for floss-pushing bullies like Spadea to have the final say on this. Men were not meant for minted string.

Floss isn’t the only issue we cover (EVEN THOUGH IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT!). Troy is a great guest and we talk at length about how Comedy is different to perform at a college versus a club.

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