For the uninitiated, THIS is something that my whole neighborhood looks forward to each year.

FedEX Pat is all smiles. For the lights, and for his victorious Bills. (Craig Allen photo).

The Christmas Holiday season has officially arrived, when "FedEX Pat" and "Cornershow Bob" start "stringing up the lights."

New this year, Niko is getting a "dog's eye view" of Santa's new mailbox. (Craig Allen photo).

Tradition states that "FedEX Pat" puts up his display, taking advantage of the long holiday weekend to...get it all done.

"Away in a manger..." (Craig Allen photo).

With the "winter" weather coming tomorrow (Sunday), FedEX Pat says that he may not be totally done...but he'll be "lit."  (For Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's winter weather forecast blog, click here)

Like you, this gingerbread boy can't wait to see what goes up next. (Craig Allen photo).

Meanwhile, down the street, "Cornershow Bob" is chasing through his vast strings of lights...looking for the lights that won't...light.

Cornershow's "Spaghetti City." (Craig Allen photo).

He has started, but the pressure is off...

Cornershow Bob says: "What pressure?" (Craig Allen photo). he, traditionally, just keeps adding to his display, right up to Christmas Day.

Just a few "tools of the trade." (Craig Allen photo).

This annual neighborhood display is truly a labor of LOVE.  And, we love it.

Santa sees you better be good, for goodness sake. (Craig Allen photo).

Each year, I share the joy, here at

This shooting star is spectacular...after dark. (Craig Allen photo).

Stay tuned for "friendly competition" updates.

Just wait...til dark. (Craig Allen photo).

"Seasons Greetings," indeed.