I know you've heard them all: The excuses people use to try to get out of a ticket when they're stopped by the police.

We thought we'd put it to our listeners to come up with the ones that have been most successful for them, and we heard some ridiculously clever excuses.

What do you say by way of excuse/explanation to try to get yourself out of the dreaded ticket? How about trying one of these ten excuses next time:

1. Yes, you did, in fact have your seatbelt on. In fact, you're a big advocate for seat belt use. Why, you're even offended that anyone would think you weren't wearing it!

2. You work with the elderly and one of your patients just died. The sympathy card works sometimes.

3. No, you weren't holding your phone, you have an earache/toothache/headache and were holding an ice pack to your ear.

4. Women's/menstrual issues (male cop only). This scares even the most strong-willed man away

5. Cry. This works many times when it's a female driver/male cop scenario.

6. You just heard someone you know is about to die and you're rushing to their bedside (again, sympathy).

7. You're in need of an organ and you just found out you're about to become a recipient

8. You're late for jury duty (they don't wanna be responsible from keeping you from doing your civic duty.

9. You need to poop.

And if all else fails....

10. You just pooped.

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